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Clean Energy Council (CEC)
In Australia, the governing body for the designers and installers of solar systems is the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Formed in 2007, this council ensures that the solar industry in Australia maintains high standards. CEC signifies top businesses in solar and wind power along with other renewables. There are almost 4,000 accredited solar installers in Australia at present. In 2016, approximately 1.5 million solar systems were working in Australia to deliver clean electricity to residential and commercial sectors, safely and reliably. This council also controls businesses related to renewable energy via endorsement and accreditation.

Different layers of CEC accreditations are:

  • CEC Approved Solar Retailer
  • CEC Accredited Installer
  • Master Electricians Member

CEC Approved Retailer
This category of CEC Approved Solar Retailers is for those approved businesses that are participants to the CEC Solar Retailer Guidelines. A list of Approved Solar Retailors is available on the website of Clean Energy Council CEC and the total number of approved businesses at present is 43 only. This list is the best opportunity for most customers to purchase solar from a certified company. Open Electrical OE is an approved member of that list and provides its customers with premium quality work.

CEC approved retailers have some responsibilities to fulfil, these are as follows:

  • Approved Solar Retailers must provide a 5-year system warranty
  • They are scrutinized to make sure that their executives have not been the part of formerly failed companies
  • They must use ethical practices for sales as per the code of conduct mentioned in CEC guidelines
  • They must only use CEC accredited installer

Through this accreditation, customers can be satisfied that the suppliers of solar systems have been passed through a process of rigorous screening and that they follow business ethics.

CEC Accredited Installer
Being accredited with the Clean Energy Council CEC distinguishes designers and installers who have acknowledged the compulsory training in order to design and install solar panels and batteries. The main goal of these CEC-accredited designers and installers is to work with best practicing standards and develop a system that is safe and reliable for the customers. Their chief focus is to meet the customer’s expectations in designing a system according to the customer’s needs.

At present, the total number of accredited installers around Australia is more than 7000 and Open Electrical OE is one of them.

The Clean Energy Council ensures that all the accredited installers have the required knowledge and qualifications of ongoing learning requirements. CEC also monitors these installers to ensure high standards. The list of accredited installers is available on Clean Energy Council CEC Website. Customers should do their due diligence to check this website before selecting any designers or installers, ensuring that they select one that is accredited such as Open Electrical (OE).

The CEC accreditation is given to those qualified and skilled solar installers who install the solar systems in your homes by themselves, not to those solar retailers by whom they are employed. Customers can also contact back to their solar PV retailer if that installer is not on the list of accredited installers on CEC website.

Master Electricians Member
If you are planning to run an electrical contracting business, then you must keep in mind that it will be very challenging but rewarding journey. Whether you are initiating your business, planning to take it to the next level or you want to add more members to your team – Master Electricians is the best opportunity for you to take in order to flourish.

Master Electricians is an organization in Australia dedicated to connecting electrical workers with local services to create successful businesses and provide industry development. The chief goal of this association is to improve the standards of the industry for consumers as well as for electrical companies.

Open Electrical is one of the designated Master Electricians and have several responsibilities. It is compulsory for them to always comply with those responsibilities during the duration of their license. These are as follows

  • Electrical Contractor must fulfil the guidelines related to Electrical Safety Code while conducting electrical installations.
  • Designated master electrician must personally plan the work and should supervise the being carried out on the behalf of electrical contractors.
  • Master electricians must manage and supervise the work performed by the electrical contractor to ensure that it fulfils all the applicable rules and regulations, For Example:
  • Consumer protection legislation
  • Rules related to safety and health
  • Regulations related to employment standards
  • Business practices and laws
  • Comprehend and follow the rules of License Holder Standards of Conduct

Open Electrical OE has the highest rank of CEC accreditation and always provide high standards of work. We make sure that while implementing solar systems, all the guidelines of CEC are followed so that reliability and safety can be ensured.

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