Important Things To Consider While Choosing A Solar Company

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Buying a solar power system for a home is a very exciting experience but one should be very responsible while choosing a solar panel company. One should focus on the significant aspects of solar panels purchase as it’s a considerable amount of long-term investment.

Several solar companies and retailers are available in the market but not all of these companies are reliable. Some companies can be the dodgy ones. To select the best solar company and to keep the troubles far away, following are some important things to consider while selecting the solar company.

Check Warranties
Mostly solar panels have a warranty of 15 years and an ideal solar panel should last that much longer. So, you should look for only those installers who offer a warranty of 25 years or more.

Warranties should include:

Price Check
While selecting a solar company, price is a very important factor but it should not be the deciding factor. As, some companies having extra cheap rates might be dodgy and will not provide you with your desired solar system. A quotation of your solar system must include cost for installation, service, connection and maintenance.

A reliable and good company will provide the comprehensive and detailed quotation, mentioning that how much electricity will be generated and how much savings is expected.

Here, in Open Electrical, a free in-home consultation is provided to the customers to fulfil your needs and then we will send you free quotes for your home or commercial solar systems.

Check Accreditation
An installer must be an Approved Retailer via Clean Energy Council CEC. Not all the solar companies can install solar systems and still be qualified for ‘Victorian Solar Rebate’. This rebate is only applicable for installers having CEC Accreditation.

In simple words, a solar company should be accredited by CEC. Strict regulations and standards are enforced by CEC on installers in order to retain accreditation. Open Electrical is accredited by Clean Energy Council and thus is able to apply for the rebate for you. Open Electrical is listed in CEC approved retailers list here.

Various solar companies are emerging every other day. It is very difficult to decide that which company is best for you. Many companies do not have proper expertise in solar energy sector. Mostly these companies try to sell cheap equipment that do not match a proper standard. You should be very careful about these companies.

Past customers’ reviews are very important. You should look for those customers who have already use that solar company and should check their reviews. A reliable company have always mentioned about their customers’ reviews on their website. We have also shared the reviews of our satisfied customers on our website.

Solar Panel Quality
When choosing a solar company, you should look for the manufacturers that produce high quality solar panels and have top quality inverter brands. preference should be given to the companies that supplies from Tier-1 (first tier). Label Tier 1 offers top quality standards which are proved to be better and more reliable than the rest of the companies in the market.

Open Electrical is proud to be the one of the Tier-1 companies and delivering high quality equipment to its customers.

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    The blog post on Open Electrical about important considerations while choosing a solar company is a valuable resource for individuals looking to install a solar system. It highlights key factors to consider, such as reputation, experience, and certifications of the solar company. The article emphasizes the importance of researching customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s reliability and customer satisfaction. It also mentions the significance of choosing a company that offers comprehensive warranties and after-sales service. Additionally, the article suggests evaluating the company’s expertise in system design and installation. Overall, it provides helpful guidance to ensure a successful and satisfactory solar installation experience. Kudos to Open Electrical for sharing this informative resource!

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