How Does A Virtual Power Plant Work?

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So you have heard of a VPP?
A Virtual Power plant or VPP for short… is a network of Connected solar battery systems that can work together to act as a power plant.

How can batteries in different homes across Australia work together?
When connected together using synchronization tools they can be used in unison to deliver power together into a grid as a large bank of battery power.

Why would the Power grid need a VPP?
Throughout the day and night, the Power Grid that connects our homes has periods of high demand and low demand. This demand often shifts very rapidly and is constantly changing just like your house usage will change throughout the day and night.

A VPP can use its connected bank of batteries to deliver power to the market within milliseconds to fill the void that can often be created. Battery power delivers power to a grid many times faster than traditional generation sources including Coal and Gas turbines

How is a VPP a game-changing Tool for a home solar battery owner?
By signing up with a VPP energy provider and installing a compatible battery system you will receive a higher feed-in and a better rate of electricity as your provider benefits by turning your battery into a power plant at times of peak demand.

How what steps can I take to Benefit from a VPP?

  • Step 1.  Contact a quality Solar Installer – Open Electrical 1300 61 11 61
  • Step 2. Install a VPP ready Battery System –  Duracell Energy Bank 2 is a Game-changing Battery system from a company everyone knows and can rely upon apon.  And you can rely on a 10yr Duracell warranty.
  • Step 3.  Chance your electricity provider to Social Energy and start benefiting from more affordable electricity.

Open Electrical has joined forces with Social Energy is one of Australia’s leading VPP providers and Electricity retailers, giving us exclusive access to the new Duracell Battery system.

Why choose Social Energy and Open Electrical?

  • Social Energy you can reduce your bills by %100;
  • Open Electrical expert team will provide exceptional service and support;
  • 10year Duracell replacement warranty;
  • Full Power black out protection.
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